Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 188 - Living Principles : Walking Alone, Together Part 1

I begin my series of Destonian Principle blogs with the 11th principle on my initial list of declarations because I see this is the point that is most relevant for me to share, clarify, and specify.

Principle 11: No one can save you, save yourself – the realisation that the tools and principles of Desteni is the guide, but I must walk the path myself. We are here to assist and support each other in this process from Consciousness to Awareness/LIFE and what it means to live – but the process itself, where you are alone with yourself in your own Mind: is walked alone

Over the years, no matter how bad things got, no matter how my world seemed to turn “upside down” and “inside out” and things would all seem to come apart, there was one thing that had always remained constant – which was “awareness”.

Here, the awareness that I refer to comes with applying the tools of the Desteni process and living and applying the principles that have been shared over the years through the countless blogs, vlogs, forum discussions, recorded interviews, and the network of support from people all over the world walking their own experience of the same process.

This “awareness” is not just being awake or conscious – it is an awareness that comes from developing in intimacy with oneself, and through this intimacy “Into Me I see”, one begins to realize that there is no “turning back” when one has seen and realized beyond the shadow of a doubt that we are at all times responsible for our thoughts and our experience of ourselves and the effect that our acceptances and allowances has on other lives that we will encounter – and that we are responsible for the consequences of our words, our actions, our emotions and feelings, and even the very “presence” of who we are.

This awareness is absolutely unique to every individual – but in every individual the result is the same. Once you see into the real nitty gritty of yourself and have discovered what self-honesty really means, you can no longer really get away with the old excuses – and the more you try to resist or run away, the more intense your awareness actually gets.

This is one of the greatest gifts I have given myself over the years – the awareness and understanding that I really am here with myself, fully responsible for myself – and having realized and discovered that “myself” is NOT my mind or my thoughts or opinions – it becomes exponentially harder to continue going along with the “old” programming or to get away with the little white lies we have all told ourselves throughout the years that allowed us to remain ignorant of our responsibility to ourselves and to each other.

We are indeed the only ones who can walk through our own individual minds. We are the only ones who can do the “heavy lifting” within ourselves. We are the only ones who can muster up the courage to walk through our inner shadows and dare to forgive the things that we have hidden and suppressed and are ashamed about. 

But there is another part of this – a part that I myself need to work on – which is realizing that we really are all in this together, and that those of us who are walking this process are walking it individually, alone, by ourselves, facing the deepest and often ugliest parts of our natures – but this does not mean we are without support, without care, without others whom we can look to for assistance.

Looking back over the years I can say that it would have been in fact IMPOSSIBLE for me to have seen what I have seen or realized what I have realized without the help and assistance of those who are walking the very same process.

I have realized that we are all facing our consequences on this planet together – we are all facing the point of responsibility for who we are, what we have created, and how things got to where and how they are now – we are all here answering the question of who we are and who we now decide to be, and whether or not we can LIVE and make real our realization of responsibility – and in this everyone faces themselves in their own lives with as many different variations of problems, situations, limitations and fears as there are stars in the universe – and HERE is where it is necessary to keep in one’s awareness that it is NOT about comparing oneself to others, or feeling ashamed, or feeling better than others because we seem to have things more ‘under control’ than they do – because each and EVERY life is equal, and though the pains and struggles and difficulties faced by others can only be dealt with by others through their own personal process – we walk this process together, as one, unconditionally until all are equally free –that we can in any moment walk into the life of another and unconditionally trade places with them because THAT is the extent to which we care and regard ourselves and each other.

The process to that kind of freedom can only begin with self, and self is the only one who can free and release and change self – but it is not just for SELF that we walk this process – it is the first step to becoming an example that can stand in this world and say “I am here. I have proven that I walked my process unconditionally, and I am here to show you it can be done and walk with you until we are all free.” – I mean, that would be an amazing world we would be able to live in and share together and I would say it is well worth the initial struggles and dark times – especially when we know that while we walk our process alone and face our struggles alone – we do it together, for ourselves and each other, until it is done.

Ever since I began my process years ago – I have definitely faced long stretches of isolation and frustration and pain and loneliness – but the fact is I was NEVER actually alone. I was NEVER without support. I was NEVER actually “isolated” other than by my own design, when there were things that I required to face “alone” so to speak – support was always available. Even when I felt like a failure and the world was against me and that I had no hope of getting myself through – somebody was always here, walking with, standing with, unconditionally until it is done – and for that I am grateful in ways that words cannot adequately express.

And so I keep walking alone, together, and I commit myself to be and do for others what they have been and done for me so unconditionally over all these years. 

There is more on this point to follow. Stay tuned.