Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 113 – Never Let A Serious Crisis Go To Waste

A tactic often used by governments and private interest groups or organizations that have a particular agenda or 'message' that they want to push through into society, is to utilize events of crisis or shock as an opportunity to do things that are not 'normally done' – where the initial shock of the crisis whether it is an act of violence, a war breaking out, an environmental disaster, or a massive social unrest – provides the context for an organization's agenda to be pushed forward as the 'solution' to the problem.

This is effective because often times the context required for certain agendas to be put into action are not correct or will be met with too much resistance or conflict if put forward directly – but if it is introduced at the right time, at the right moment, when there is a problem or a crisis or a conflict point that has reached a kind of critical mass – then the agenda can be put forward as the solution and it will be seen as an appropriate response.

Though a point that is not considered is that such agendas are often instrumental in influencing and directing the very contexts that they require in order to become publicly acceptable – meaning that a particular point of conflict or a particular point of crisis in the world may not be at the right intensity or has not compounded to a point of 'critical mass' to generate enough of a reaction or a demand for a 'solution' – in which case those who want to put forward certain agendas will wait and allow for such point to happen, or will proactively participate in ways that further destabilize that point – even if this means many lives are directly affected in order for the necessary 'crisis' to manifest.

So, when such a crisis or moment arises those who have been wanting to put forth that agenda can then say “Well that is an unfortunate crisis. I suppose now we are obligated to come forward with our agenda as the solution to the problem... even though we have been wanting to do this for a very long time and just never had the right context to do it”.

The same is able to happen within the backchat of the mind, within our own daily lives where we will deliberately allow for certain conflicts and issues to accumulate energy and compound into bigger problems while we put on the 'public face' of keeping things under control and not letting anyone know that we are experiencing conflict and friction within ourselves and that the way we are participating in the world – in our job, in our relationships, in our day to day living – is NOT aligned with who we actually are, how we actually experience ourselves, and what we actually want.

So here we come to a point of living the 'double life' – where in one life we 'put up with' the things that we do not want to be doing and in our backchat we secretly plot and try to come up with ways to change our world or change the context of our relationships so that we can somehow, someday, manifest our desired life and have our desired outcome but we do not let others know – we want to keep things 'under control' because we are aware that for us to achieve what we are wanting there will have to come direct conflict and direct responsibility and consequences in our life and for many this is too 'scary' to face. It seems 'easier' to just put up with the problems – put up with our backchat – put up with constantly suppressing ourselves in order to maintain a 'normal' life. It seems easier to 'ignore' the experiences of uncomfortableness and fear and anxiety as we participate in our world, our jobs, our relationships, our living and just 'survive' rather than take a direct and personal responsibility for the changes that we would like to make and be self-honest with our own 'desires'. So we suppress this point in ourselves and remain in our 'comfort zone' when this 'comfort zone' is actually quite uncomfortable because of how much we diminish ourselves and compromise ourselves.

But while all of this is going on, in our backchat there are plans being made and all kinds of scenarios being crafted for how we would like to experience ourselves and how we would like for this to happen WITHOUT us having to actually direct it and be responsible for it.

This can be seen in thoughts and pictures such as :

“If only somebody would come and change this, or expose this part of the problem so that I no longer have to deal with it”

“I would love to just point out all of the problems and make those responsible for it get in trouble so that THEN I can leave and stop participating in things that I experience conflict within.”

“If only such and such thing would happen and such and such an event would occur, then I wouldn't have to cause such a commotion or be responsible for my own standing and then I can just get the result that I wanted...”

“If only this would all just fall apart, I would be able to just walk away from it and not have to deal with it any more.”

Next, the “if it weren't for” type of thoughts, where we blame others or our situation within making ourselves a 'victim' or making ourselves seem 'noble' for what 'sacrifice' we are making, such as :

“If it weren't for me having to do this because of X, I would have already moved on and done something else with my life and my time now”

“If if weren't for me being such a good person and making sure I am doing the 'right thing', I would have stopped this point and would have done things differently by now.”

So what happens when we allow for such thoughts to continue in our backchat day after day instead of investigating the point of conflict so that we either clear our own starting point of wanting things to be different, or we make a clear and directive decision and change our participation and implement/become that change that we are wanting?

On the surface we may tell ourselves that we are doing the 'right thing' and we are being 'strong' within 'putting up with' this friction inside of ourselves and not letting it 'control' us – but the very existence and persistent nature of such thoughts already indicates that we are not clear in our starting point – and we are already waiting for and manifesting the right crisis to happen in our lives so that we can 'finally' get to do the things we are in our backchat wanting to do but not taking self-responsibility for.

In this way we secretly feed and hold on to our hidden agendas instead of clearing them up and either letting go of the things that are not practical and are not best for all because we secretly want to indulge in self-interest, or moving and directing ourselves to practically implement and develop the things that will support us and are in alignment with our self-honesty and considering what is the best position/expression of who we are.

Perhaps we do not have sufficient self-trust to see ourselves through a point of change or new responsibility. Perhaps we did not have the self-respect and self-value to honor ourselves within not compromising ourselves for a job or a relationship and do not want to face the consequence. But by accepting and allowing such limitations within us, we give away our responsibility to the mind and to the backchat and we make ourselves accomplices and willing partners to whatever consequence or 'crisis' we will manifest in our lives in order to satisfy our hidden agenda – and when this happens the result is never what we actually wanted – because it would be a result that comes from consequence instead of a result that comes from self-creation.

So then comes the point of the actual crisis that happens in our lives – where something happens and we are faced with a point of change or responsibility that we did not direct, but are still responsible for by our acceptances and allowances and by our participation within the point, and here the backchat and our hidden agenda is now able to come forward and claim 'innocence' and we can pretend to reluctantly give in and do the very thing that we have been wanting and plotting for in secret – now we get to quit the job we hated, end the relationship that was driving us nuts, burn the bridges that we thought were holding us back, and get to have 'our way' within a point, but now the manifested consequences are REAL and have affected our lives as well as the lives of others involved and this was a factor that was NEVER considered in our hidden agenda – we never considered the physical ramifications and relationships that would be affected by our desire, and we find that the result is just the opposite of what we wanted to live and manifest for ourselves because we did not see that it wasn't the job itself that we hated, or the partner in a relationships that was to blame for our negative experiences, or the situations of our lives that was responsible for how we experience ourselves within it – the crisis happened and we experienced it as a crisis because we did not make a decision for ourselves in clarity and in self-honesty.

So the 'crisis' happens and things got a bit 'too far' and the consequences are more than we anticipated, so it is easy to now say “Well, I am overwhelmed. The best thing to do now is what I have been planning to do for a long time. Maybe this all happened for a reason – maybe this all happened for the better because now I can go and pursue the thing that I have wanted.”

And the fascinating thing is that such events where we utilize a crisis or problem in our lives to 'finally do something' really shows how separated we are in our own living, in our own decisions – where we wait for problems to become worse and worse until they basically explode and lead to consequences for everyone involved, and in some cases for things to become irreparable before directing ourselves and making decisions based on what is best for all.

Thus it is vital that we realize how and why we do this to ourselves at the individual level – because this is happening throughout multiple dimensions and relationships in our world and has consequences that extend out further than just our personal relationships. It is vital that we develop an understanding and responsibility in how we live our lives, how we make our decisions, and to STOP waiting for things to just 'unfold' and hoping that things play out in our favor and thus not take actual responsibility for our participation – because for many the consequences are quite extreme and as the inequality of this world compounds and our collective problems become more intensified, it is more and more crucial that we understand our minds, our decisions, and the consequences that we create or deliberately allow to happen – because then it really is too late when the consequence becomes so great that we actually cannot stand up from it again.

Thus – for those who are facing indecision and not certain about something and are creating hidden agendas that occupy the mind and not directing self within a point of decision and change – ask yourself “what crisis am I waiting for” and what you believe requires to happen before you will actually direct yourself, take responsibility, and change or make a decision – and spare yourself the consequence of having that decision or choice made FOR YOU through consequence and having the lives of others influenced and affected by your indecision when clarity and self-honesty and support are available.

And for those now facing similar points of a crisis or potential crisis, one can have a look at what it is that has not been directed and what one has feared to stand up and take responsibility for in one's life, that one is now utilizing this crisis to experience the very point that you are experiencing now, and facing the very decision that you are facing now – because yes this all 'happened for a reason' so that you would be facing this very point by consequence because it was not faced by direction or self-honesty – so now that it is here and in a way you have the attention of the world that has manifested this consequence, what was it that you were uncertain of, and what was it that you feared to change about yourself and your life that it required for this crisis to unfold? What were you uncertain of that now the stakes have been raised higher and the consequences of your decision have a much greater weight? And now that this opportunity is here – this point of crisis – do you take this opportunity to walk through a fear or resistance and change something for good because you see clearly now that a particular point was just not going to work in self-honesty and was heading towards collapse anyway, or do you walk through the conflict and the crisis and change who you are in a way that such conflicts do not affect you or change you again?

Indeed – never let a serious crisis go to waste if/when one comes to a point of crisis or when things seem like they will collapse and there is a point of responsibility or change – rather question what agenda has one been waiting on, sitting on, brooding on, that has been waiting for this very moment, this very opportunity – to take over and possess you and make it seem like a 'good idea' to give in and go for it when it was not able to be lived practically and in self-honesty all this time?

In my next post I will continue with further expansion and self-forgiveness on this point of 'crisis' and how we utilize these moments of crisis to 'finally give in' to points of backchat and secret agendas.

For support in stopping our tendency to create friction and conflict and accumulate problems into crisis events that often force us and the direction of our lives into consequences that we do not prefer, and how to assist and support self in making clear decisions and developing actual self-trust and self-honesty so that no matter what happens, one is not moved or motivated by consequence and one is not shaken by 'bad decisions' – please investigate the Desteni I Process that gives actual, practical tools that anyone can start learning and applying. There is an absolutely FREE course for people who want to get started in taking their lives back into their own hands – check out the DIP Lite course and if you have any questions do visit the open forum where all is discussed and you can get feedback from people who have been applying these tools for years and have made significant changes in their lives, their relationships, and their understanding of self in ways that didn't seem possible before.

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